Saturday, January 26, 2013

Projects for January

I don't create resolutions but in January I do reflect and remember all that I hoped to accomplish. For example I took an online quilting class from Craftsy (Block of the Month - 2012) and never finished it. I did great until September when I made a major mess up on the block that month. I lost all desire to finish because it meant making that block again and I'd rather do anything else. In November, I got busy decorating for Christmas. All of our Christmas items are stored in my craft room, so there wasn't any room to craft. Then in December, several of the craft sites I visit promoted new quilting classes and I was instantly interested again. So this year, I'll start over with my class from last year (Craftsy Block of the Month - 2012) and participate in 2 more (Craftsy Block of the Month - 2013 and Sugar Block Club).

Here are my two blocks from last years class but remade for this year.

Asterick Block
Wonky Pound Sign
One of my new classes is taught by my teacher from last year, which coincidentally I went to college with her. I actually paid to take the class ($7) so I feel that I must keep up with everything lest I waste my money. With this new class, I am making my quilt exactly as she is with the exact same colors. I'm copying her quilt in hopes that it will be somewhat easier for me to follow and I will stick with it because I'll see exactly what I'm missing out on.

Snow Blossom
Here's the block for the Craftsy Block of the Month, 2013 edition for January. My teacher has given us the outline of the entire quilt we are making and for January we are not quilting the four smaller blocks together as I would have expected. According to the outline, the four smaller blocks will be used throughout the larger quilt.
Offset Log Cabin

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