Tuesday, July 9, 2013

California Vacation, 5 of 5

This is a series of posts about our recent vacation to California. Vacation seems like a foreign word most of the time, because we don't know how to take one, can't afford one, the timing is off, etc. However, we planned and budgeted accordingly and enjoyed our 6 days away. 

Fifth Stop: Dodgers Game

J's uncle bought us tickets to see the Dodgers on Friday night. We are hardcore Texas Rangers fans, but we still loved going to see the game. Our seats were phenomenal both in location and they were comfortable and much more roomy than some of the seats at The Ballpark at Arlington.

We ate a Dodger Dog for dinner.

We were able to get a quick fix for the Texas Rangers. Michael Young is a former Ranger but now plays 3rd base for the Phillies (the Dodgers were playing the Phillies).

Dodger Stadium is on a mountain so we got a great overlook of the city.

No worries - we have plans to see our Texas Rangers in September! 

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