Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

A friend promoted StitchFix on her Facebook and I took an interest. It's similar to a personal shopper. You create an account and answer many questions about your current fashion and what you want it to be. You pay $20 and about a month later, they send you 5 items matching your answers to the style questions. You try on the 5 items and decide whether to keep them or not. Your original $20 goes towards your purchase. If you keep all 5 items, you get a great discount.

I created my account in December, answered all the questions and paid $20. My shipment arrived last week. You have 3 days to try on everything and decide what you like and what you're keeping. They send you a pre-paid shipping envelope to send the items back. Here are 4 of the 5 items:
Boatneck Sweater - SENT BACK
I LOVED this sweater but I needed it to be just a bit larger in size. 

Surplus Jacket - SENT BACK
I really like this jacket but the bedazzles drove me nuts. I looked at trying to take them off and it would have been impossible and left some snags in the material. 

Asymmetrical Zip Jacket - SENT BACK
This was not at all me in any shape, form or fashion. 

Lace Detail Button-Up Blouse - SENT BACK
This was not at all me, but I think I could have made it work should it have been in a different color. 
The 5th item was a royal blue scarf. I love scarves, but I also SENT BACK the scarf. The price was a little too steep for a scarf.

I sent all 5 items back. While I "lost" $20, I don't really consider it losing. I was interested in Stitch Fix and will do it again in the future. You can schedule as you go or mark that you want a shipment each month. I'm going to do it as I go and as the budget allows. It was definitely fun to see what others would pick for me and eliminated a lot of the stress in going to the store and being overwhelmed by all the options.

A few added perks to StitchFix:

  • they send you a styling card to help you pair the items with either items you already have in your closet or something else you might consider purchasing
  • you can request a specific item (trench coat, black pencil skirt, etc.)
  • you can also mark what you don't want included in your shipment (shoes, jewelry, etc.) 
  • they send you a tracking number as soon as your package is sent 
  • they send you a  pre-paid envelope to mail everything back in
  • A BONUS! I ordered last month and they said my shipment would arrive last week. However, I went out of town on Wednesday, the day the package was to arrive. You only have 3 days to mail the items back so I knew my time was limited. I simply emailed them and told them I was headed out of town and since I ordered a month ago, there was no way to know and coordinate all the logistics. They emailed me back and gave me a few extra days. Great customer service!
If you're interested in trying StitchFix, let me know. I can send you a link where I'll get a bonus referral and I'd love to know you're doing it and help you in any way. 

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