Saturday, June 2, 2012

Projects for April & May

April started off a little busy and May was even busier, 
so a combined blog post it is! 

We were invited over for Easter lunch at our friends house, S & R. In the South, it's most hospitable that when invited over, you take a small gift/thank you. I made S a little Easter pillow with 3 little bunnies. Making pillows is pretty easy, but sewing up the final product is the worst part. You have to hide your stitches while trying to keep all the filling in - it's quite complicated, but still turned out cute.

[I forgot to take a picture - oops!]

My friend A is in charge of the Girls in Action (GA's) group at my church. She was having a mother-daughter tea and I offered to help. The whole tea was themed on rainbows and A reminded the girls about the promise that God gave us through the rainbow. Here are a few pictures from the event -
I made rainbow cupcakes,
both a rainbow on top and rainbow cupcake batter. 
We served fruit tea and had delicious snacks!

My quilting homework for the month of April was a bit more difficult. I really love quilting and the idea that I've learned how to do it in such a short amount of time. However, this month both blocks required hand-stitching and I've decided I love quilting but machine quilting NOT hand-quilting.

Hexi-Stripe Block Pattern using English paper piecing
"Sunny with a chance of hex" Block Pattern using English paper piecing

My quilting homework for the month of May was a bit easier. However, the project required using scraps of material. Since I haven't been quilting that long, I didn't have a lot of scraps so I had to make my own.

 Modern Log Cabin Block Pattern
Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin Block Pattern
The end.

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