Sunday, April 1, 2012

Projects for March

I'm continuing with my online quilting class. Here is square #5 and #6. I'm not a huge fan of either of these blocks because I'm type A and OCD. They're quite chaotic and scrappy - you use your scraps which is good but nonetheless too random. I like order. :)
String Block
Broken Spider Web
I also had the opportunity to speak to our Stephen Ministry group at church this month. I made each of them a Scripture memory card holder along with a few Scripture memory cards that we discussed.

J bought me a cake pop maker for Christmas and I really haven't had the time or an event where I needed to make them. I made some for a St. Patrick's Day dinner we went to. They were delicious!

Do you have one spot in your home that seems to collect everything? For us it is our dining room table. It's our landing pad so to speak. My purse usually lands here as soon as we hit the door, the mail seems to collect there, as well as other random objects that come along. I'm trying to keep my dining room table decorated or "set" so to speak so it looks too pretty to collect all this stuff..that doesn't mean that I won't find a new spot for it all to go. :)  To help my cause, I made some Easter placemats and cloth napkins and threw together a few things for a centerpiece for the center of the table. The placemats and napkins are reversible and complimentary so two of the four seats are one side and the other two are the opposite side. They were fairly easy to make and I got to practice my "reverse applique" technique I learned a few months back.

Side 1

Side 2

A few plastic Easter eggs and some paper shreds.

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