Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Steal of a Deal #7

At Kohl's, it seems I can either get a steal of a deal or I find absolutely nothing in the store. Luckily last week I found a steal of a deal!! I wasn't really trying to buy anything, but rather I was wasting time before an appointment.

The clearance sections of each department within Kohl's are where I typically look first.

In the jewelry department, I found 2 necklaces - 1 for $4.80 and another for $2.60.

In the kitchen department, I found 4 plastic placemats. If you know me, I love flip flops and actually had received the dish towel that matches these placemats as a gift earlier in the summer. They were each $1.19, I bought 4 so $4.76 total. They will be great for next summer - provided I can remember I bought them.

I also got a bra for $6.80 off the clearance section.

My total was $18.96, but then I showed them a coupon on my phone and I got $1.35 off and then I gave them a $10 off coupon. For all the above items, I paid $8.22. I called J to apologize for spending so much money. :)

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