Friday, September 21, 2012

Projects for August

For my online quilting class, we created the "Ohio Star Block" and the "Double Star Block". I'm continuing to enjoy making various blocks, but I'm really ready to learn how to put all the pieces together. I have 4 more blocks to earn (September and October) and then finally we can learn how to put the whole thing together.
Double Star
Ohio Star
I made a small receiving blanket for a baby gift this month. I used many of my quilting tips and tricks and made it pretty quickly and with ease. The tutorial said it was a 10 minute project. It took me about 45 minutes, but I think the next time I make one, it will be much easier (and there will be a next time).

To complete the project you use two different size flannel pieces and when you sew the pieces together you end up with a cute border on one side.
I had fun looking at all the cute fabrics, but landed with a nursery rhyme themed that had the colors of the nursery in it - pink, blue, green and brown.

In addition, I made a ribbon banner with the child's name on it. I goofed and didn't realize she was going to have a double name, so a week later I made the middle/second name. It all worked out.

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