Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Steal of a Deal #10

Sometimes I see something in a store that I might like to own, but can't bring myself to pay full price for it. Case in point - the monogrammed pumpkin seen above. I eyed these pumpkins last year at Hobby Lobby, but could never bring myself to pay the $30 they cost. Fall clearance came and went and no pumpkins were left with a W on them. Then this year they had the same pumpkins but rather than the letter already being on it, you bought the letter separately and applied it yourself. The pumpkins were $29.99 and the letter was $1.99. I watched intently waiting for them to go on sale, decorating my house without a monogrammed pumpkin.

Then I heard the fall decor was 80% off at Hobby Lobby so I ventured over there. Jeremy gave me a small but appropriate budget and lo and behold there were the pumpkins and letters. The pumpkin that was once $29.99 was not $6 and the letter that was $1.99 was now $0.40 so for $6.40 I bought myself a monogrammed pumpkin. My husband was impressed in my patience to wait and my discipline to not spend more than I was supposed to.

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