Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 - A Texan Christmas

We went to Texas for Christmas and had a great time. Sad to say, J and I have been together for nine years and this was our first actual Christmas spent in Texas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I realize how bad that might sound, but the other 8 Christmases we were a little busy. We made a timeline:
  • Christmas '04 - I spent several days prior to Christmas in Texas and then flew home to be with my family in Virginia. 
  • Christmas '05 - We got married the week before Christmas and had to be back at our church the following Sunday because it was Christmas Day. 
  • Christmas '06 - We stayed in Mobile for Christmas in our new house that we had purchased the summer prior. 
  • Christmas '07 - I graduated from seminary so everyone came to us in New Orleans.
  • Christmas '08 - We flew to Virginia for Christmas. 
  • Christmas '09 - J graduated from seminary so everyone came to us in New Orleans.
  • Christmas '10 - We flew to Virginia for Christmas.
  • Christmas '11 - It was our first Christmas in Huntsville so we stayed put. Christmas was also on a Sunday so J fulfilled his ministerial duties. 
  • Christmas '12 - We drove to Texas for Christmas. Details below.
  • I won the Wilkerson Family jackpot consisting of over $70 in dimes, nickels and pennies. Long story short, J's grandpa collects his change all year and during Christmas Eve breakfast, you place your bet as to how much change you think is in each container. I guessed closest in the dimes, nickles, and pennies category.
We had Mexican with J's sister and our nieces and nephews.
It snowed on Christmas Day and everything in Texas is bigger...including the snowflakes.
I made Christmas morning breakfast. This helped me to share some of my own family's traditions despite them being miles and miles away. Breakfast casserole (made with hard-boiled eggs) and homemade donuts - yummy!
A Wilkerson Christmas tradition is to switch the letters of "NOEL" to "LEON" and see how long it takes for J's mom to notice. No one claimed this switch-a-roo but it makes me laugh every time.
  • The idea was for the entire Wilkerson family to sing/play during the Christmas Eve service...that is, until multiple family members got sick. J and our niece did a great job representing all of us. You can watch the entire performance here.

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