Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dinner for a Friend

A couple in our Sunday School class had a baby. We signed up to take them dinner one night. There was one problem, all the recipes needed to be wheat/gluten free. I have high anxiety when there are food allergies involved - it just stresses me out. It's completely my problem! For dinner, I decided to order pizza from a great new pizza restaurant in our time - they have gluten free crust - score! I then prepared a salad with all the fixin's and all that was left was dessert. I asked a friend who is a great cook if she had any what/gluten free recipes and she didn't have a one. She told me to check Pinterest but sometimes I become so overwhelmed with all the options of Pinterest it stresses me out more than I already am! I searched the grocery store and found that Betty Crocker makes a gluten-free cake mix (warning: gluten-free cake mix is triple the cost of regular cake mix). I decided on yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing. I got home to make the cupcakes and realized that I didn't have gluten-free vanilla extract (it is about twice the cost of regular vanilla extract).

I then remembered about my Sugar Block of the Month class - every month's lesson comes with a recipe. It just "so happens" that February's lesson came with a recipe for flourless chocolate cake. I made the cake, added some gluten-free chocolate icing and dipped strawberries. It came out much better than I thought...too bad I couldn't try a bite!

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