Monday, March 4, 2013

Projects for February

February is a shorter month with only 28 days - I blame the lack of days on my lack of projects. :)

Chocolate ravioli became a favorite recipe during the month of February. Pie Crust + gooey chocolate center = deliciousness! I found the recipe here

 J moved into a new office at his work. We bought 2 end tables at Ikea and I added a little flair to one by creating a checkboard with vinyl pieces I cut on my Cricut. A few matching bottlecaps and we've got ourselves a gameboard. 
I'm continuing my online quilting classes:
  • Sugar Block of the Month. 
This was a tougher block this month and I became best friends with my seam ripper. I didn't think paper piecing was incredibly hard until this block. It's not perfect, but a wise friend taught me the galloping horse theory. If a galloping horse can't see your mistakes, then decide not to worry about it and move on. I do have plans to remake this block before putting all the squares together and making the final quilt.

  • Craftsy Block of the Month 2012
I'm continuing my efforts to make better on last year's quilting class.
Chunky Chevron Block

Balkan Puzzle Block

  • Craftsy Block of the Month 2013
New February blocks on the left called Spring Blossoms, January blocks from last month on the right.

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