Monday, June 3, 2013

Projects for April & May

In April, I lacked motivation to craft. It scared me for a bit - why was I not in the crafty mode?? I got a new job but still worked my old job and my new job during the month of April. I had limited time to craft. When I got home from work, all I wanted to do was veg out. Then May came and I still lacked motivation. My craft room had become the catch-up for Easter decorations that had not been put away, a box of stuff from my old office, and a layer of dust. I lacked motivation because I had to do some cleaning before crafting and who really wants to clean. Well the cleaning is now done, so here are the projects from the last two months (but really I made them all in less than a week - ha!)

I made this quote for J's office. I cut it with my Cricut machine on brown vinyl.

Block of the Month 2013 - April Block, Fan

Block of the Month 2013 - May -
Strippy Spools, bottom left 7 blocks
(pictured with the other blocks I've already made for this project) .
Sugar Block of the Month, April - Sunny Days
Sugar Block of the Month, May - Signed, Sealed Delivered
Block of the Month April 2012, redo - Hexi Stripe
Block of the Month May 2012, redo - Wonky 5-sided Log Cabin
Block of the Month May 2012 redo - Modern Log Cabin

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