Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?

Last spring, I planted a garden and had little success. This spring, I wanted to try again so I asked for a Lowe's gift card for my birthday so I could purchase all my supplies. First, let me define my garden. I live in an apartment on the second story. I have no plot of land so my garden must be contained in pots on my patio. Last spring, I tried the upside down tomato plant contraption. I wasn't sure it would work but I wanted to find out for myself. It produced four tomatoes. I may have produced more, had I remembered to water it. I also planted some flowers which were nice to enjoy but only temporary and a fern which the birds took over and planted a nest in. This spring, I decided to do something different. I saved my tomato plant contraption so I bought another tomato plant.

Here is the second harvesting of tomatoes: 
Clearly they are not ready to be picked yet, but they're turn red eventually and in the top left you can see another flower that hopefully will produce more tomatoes.

This spring, I have been much more diligent in watering and checking on my plants. But even with the attention to that very important detail, the cilantro I planted didn't make it.
Here is our jalapeno pepper plant, but it has yet to produce anything. It has flowers and the flowers stick around for awhile but eventually die or blow away. I'm hoping to see something soon. 
Now with the other pots, I have to confess, I am unsure of what all is growing in each pot. From the beginning, I didn't buy a different pot for every seed I had. I wasn't sure how successful I would be so I planted two things in each pot, hoping it would work but not willing to invest any more money than I already had. Here is the first pot, which I know has red peppers in it (hence the red pot), and perhaps some squash and/or zucchini. 
And here is the other pot that has beans and either the squash or the zucchini (whichever one isn't in the red pot). 
And yes I have 2 of those aqua globes that I found last year in Target's $1 aisle. They semi-work but I still water every day just in case that's not enough. I even asked my friend Amy to water my plants while I was away in Nashville at a work conference a few weeks ago. I'm trying to be very diligent in caring for them in hopes that they will produce a small harvest of food! My only regret is that when Jeremy and I owned a house with a large yard, I never bothered planting anything, not even a shrub.

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  1. I feel ya sister! Jack wanted one of those Topsy Turvy things for his birthday 2 years ago. We watered that sucker and the plant got huge.... I'm talking, as big as ME! But NEVER got a single tomato on it. EVER. I thought it was a fluke. We tried again last year. Same thing. HUGE plant... not even one tomato.
    But herbs... that's something I can get behind. I love cooking with fresh ones. The trick will be convincing Spots to not eat them before I can pick/cut 'em!!! ha ha!
    Happy gardening!