Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tie Dye with Sharpies

Apparently, the act of tie dying something with Sharpies is nothing new...however, it is new to me! I had read the idea on several blogs and was being crafty tonight so decided to try it out. I took a plain white shirt that was a bit worn out, just in case I messed up horribly. It started out like this:
I took a disposable cup and placed it under the shirt and wrapped a rubber band around it. I also took some old cardboard and placed between the layers of the shirt.
Then, I grabbed my Sharpies and started making dots to form a circle. I drew six small dots like this:
Then I took another colored Sharpie and drew six more dots in the spaces I had left of the circle. The various directions I read said to use an eye/medicine dropper to place approximately 15 drops of rubbing alcohol on the Sharpie. I did not have an eye/medicine dropper so I improvised with a drinking straw.
As I dropped the alcohol on the marker, the ink bled in various directions and the various colored markers bled together.
Here is the mostly finished product. It's drying on the table right now.
It's not the best thing I've ever created, but it was fun and allowed me to be crafty because I already had all the supplies within my reach.

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  1. This is a really fun idea! Joshy wanted to try it... he's coloring his whole shirt (Yeah, that's gonna take a LOT of rubbing alcohol! Luckily, it's something like 45 cents for a bottle!). I'll post a pic on fb when he's done. I liked this idea since it was even easy enough for a 5 yr old to do... even if it definitely WON'T come out as geometrically awesome as yours did!