Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Things I Like This Week

Feature article by Lynchburg College on my brother and his new role as an athlete.
It's almost Fall!!! It used to be my first sip of a Caramel Apple Spice drink from Starbucks that signified the start of Fall for me, but then they started offering that drink all the time. Now it's the smell of cinnamon brooms that captivate my thoughts letting me know cooler weather is coming and the leaves are about to change! One of the grocery stores I shop at has them at the front of the store - Sniff! Sniff! 
I found a great deal on cereal this week at Publix, as well as many other healthy grocery options. See below for the entire post.
I just made this wreath this afternoon. It's made with deco mesh ribbon. It's pretty easy to make, but you could fluff the ribbon all day long and still feel like you could fluff some more.
Billboard on University, based on the great song "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp. It's great advertising and marketing. And most everytime we pass by, J and I bust into the song.

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