Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not a Healthy Recipe, but Delicious nonetheless!

Our schedules are hectic and we're usually only home together on Monday nights. On the other nights, we either try to eat leftovers together at sporadic times or I find something when I can eat and Jeremy finds something for dinner when he has time to eat.

The other night Jeremy had a meeting and I needed something quick and easy for dinner because cooking for two is hard enough so cooking for one is next to impossible for me. And if I cook then I also have to clean and I'm just not willing to do all that after working a long day. We have a deal in our marriage, whoever cooks, the other one cleans. When I'm the only one home, well I'm stuck having to cook and clean and there's lots of days I don't feel like doing that.

I decided to make dinner and just like the title of the post says, it was not at all healthy but delicious nonetheless! I call them BBQ Beef Cups. I don't make these often, but often enough to know they're dangerous to my waistline and they are quick and easy.

First, you take a can of biscuit dough and pull pieces apart, filling a muffin tin like this. The can I had was actually for 8 biscuits, but as you can see I was able to take the pieces and spread them out so I was able to make 10 of these.

Then, you brown some ground beef or turkey and once it's finished browning, add some BBQ sauce. One of the nights that I prepared these, I called J and told him what I was making and he requested some with Frank's, so that's what he had the next day for lunch. It was so simple to half the meat and add BBQ sauce to some of them for me and hot sauce to the others for him.
Then you fill the cups with the meat mixture. It looks something like this...

I also add a dollop of either the BBQ sauce of hot sauce on the very top just for a little added moisture. We would be eating these over the next few days and I didn't want them drying out. To make them even better, you can add some shredded cheese on top for a little something extra. However, then I realized that I wouldn't know which ones were made with what sauce, so I added a jalapeno slice to each of that I made for J.
Then, pop your muffin tin into the oven to melt the cheese and after a few minutes, you end up with something like this.

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