Friday, September 30, 2011

A Steal of a Deal #2

I had a great week at Publix this week! I'd like to say I have a great week every week, but usually I just have a good week. Great is much better than good in my book!
I would like to point out how relatively healthy everything is! A lot of people say that couponing leads to buying junk but that doesn't have to be the case if you don't let it.
  • English Muffins, on sale BOGO and I had a $1 off each package. Paid $1 for each.
  • Salad Mix,on sale BOGO and I had a $1 off each package. Paid $1 for each.
  • Yellow Onions, on sale for 2/$5. No coupon, but already made french onion soup last night in the crock pot. I'll slide a few more up and freeze for the future. 
  • SnackWell's snack packages, on sale BOGO and I had a $1 off each package. Paid $0.60 for each.
  • Eight O'Clock coffee, on sale BOGO and I had a $0.75 off coupon. Paid $1.90 for each. I don't even drink coffee at home, but I'm always looking for deals for my in-laws. My father-in-law can't remember if he likes Eight O'Clock coffee, but he likes $1.75 for an entire package, so I have a feeling he will like this.
  • Chef Boyardee, on sale BOGO and I had 2 $0.50/2 coupons that doubled. Bought 4 for $1. 
  • Pace salsa, on sale BOGO and I had $0.50/2 coupon that doubled. Bought 2 for $1.80. We don't love jarred salsa, but for this price, we do! 
  • Fiber One cereal, on sale 2/$5 and I had 6 $2 store coupons plus 3 $1/2 manufacturer's coupon. Used all 9 coupons and got all 9 boxes FREE! It's all being mailed to my mother, I even called her at the store to see what flavors she wanted. 
So for all that, I paid $18.04. Between store sales and coupons, I saved $52.29 OR 75%. Like I said, I think I did pretty good and most of the food is relatively healthy.

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