Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas Tour

J and I got married a week before Christmas. With that being said, we got a lot of wedding presents that were involved Christmas...ornaments, table settings, decorations, candlesticks and the like. We didn't register for any of this but we love it because it's really easy to decorate our apartment at Christmas. Here's a look:

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
My last name is Wilkerson so we have to have some type of musical decor.
 And the top of the other book shelf...
Both the snowmen on the left side of the previous pictures are from Hallmark. My mom's best friend buys her the singing snowman every year at Christmas. Several years my mom has ended up with two because she's received the same gift from someone else. She happy bestows the extras on to me. At my mom's house, she must have 6-7 of these by now. my mom's favorite thing is to press all of them at the same time. Each of them sings a different song and dances and lights up in a different way. I love Christmas music but 6-7 of those singing at the same time is a bit much. Last year, however, J turned all of them off so when my mom went to turn all of them on, they were all "broke". It was funny at the least we thought it was. Here's the chaos in action...decide for yourself.

Our corner shelf
The shelf behind the couch
 Part of the china cabinet
 The tablescape
 A close up of the table setting
My favorite wall hanging
(It used to hang in my grandma's house and when she passed away and my mom asked me what I wanted, I'm pretty sure this is one of the first things I laid claim to)
The bathroom
(because I believe every room needs a little something)
Here's another decorative piece that's pretty easy and looks great.
Yes those are split peas. The non-profit I work for does an annual fundraiser and last year that decorated with peas and had candles in the middle, similar to this one here. What do you do with bags and bags of peas?!?!? You split them up between those that decorated and take them to your own house to decorate. So easy and inexpensive but pretty too!
Pretty Kitchen Towel

And the Christmas sheets with stockings
(that I got on sale last year for next to nothing, they're festive but really soft and comfy)

So Mom, you're not coming to my house for Christmas this year - hope this tour makes you feel like you're here in spirit.

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