Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Craft Projects for November

I was very crafty this month, but can't post some of the stuff because they are Christmas presents.

I did make another growth chart as a baby present.
Please excuse the fact that it's hung up on the closet door and not along the wall like it should. Here's some close-ups:

I also made my aunt a set of 4 placemats and napkins but forgot to take a picture of them. Maybe she will read this and send me a picture of them on her table. *Hint, Hint, Hint*

I also got the "great" idea to make our Christmas Cards. Usually I buy some at the end of the season, but apparently last season I forgot so I didn't have any. Because we've served in ministries/churches in different places, our Christmas Card list is rather long. My creative brain forgot that part, so I only handmade 85 cards. Sorry if you're at the end of the alphabet - you got a store bought one. I just ran out of time, ideas, and willpower.

And I also forgot to take pictures of the cards. Each of them were different, so it would have been a bit difficult to post all those pictures. Maybe some of you reading will see this and send me a picture of yours.

That is all for now. Notice that this blog is late, because the month of December will have more craft projects, aka Christmas presents!

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