Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recipe Disaster....Sort of

So I attempted to make this -

for Jeremy's work party yesterday. I knew my time was short so I bought all the ingredients before going away for the weekend. I actually only needed a white cake mix, 3 blocks of cream cheese, and whipping cream. I had everything else. So I made the cheesecake layers on Sunday night and froze them, just as it said. Not too hard to make but time consuming. Went to bed after midnight.

Then on Monday night, I made the white cake layers, which deemed difficult because I only have 2 layer cake pans, not 3. However, I used a cheesecake pan that was roughly the same size as my round cake pans and it worked. In addition, did I mention that we had a Christmas party to go to and I didn't start on any of this until 8:30. 

The process of making this cake was more complicated that I thought (aka I will never make it again). It took so much time just waiting around for everything to freeze, cool, etc.

Now on to the frosting. I made the white chocolate sugar syrup concoction. Then it was on to whipping the whipping cream, which you would not think would be that difficult. However, I have never been successful on whipping anything or making meringue without my aunt in my presence. There is a fine line between whipping and making butter....unless my aunt is present, I usually cross that line. When she is there, it works; when she is not here, it fails. I whipped too long and ended up making white chocolate butter. Oops! After tears and no sleep, at 11:30 PM I went to bed with a cake that looked great but no icing.

Woke up yesterday morning, went and bought icing  and was at Kroger before 7 AM (probably the wrong flavor, but I couldn't find "white chocolate icing" so I used buttercream). Then what was supposed to be this great white cake, looked a little yellow which made me think of yellow snow and yellow snow is never a good thing.

Remember when they used to make those little silver balls as adornments for your cake? Well apparently they don't make those anymore - probably a choking hazard. Well we went to this fancy kitchen store in Savannah this weekend and I saw silver sprinkles so I paid the $4 for the bottle of silver sprinkles. Even silver sprinkles couldn't really save this cake. And with a cake like this, you can't really taste test beforehand.

All in all, Jeremy brought home about 3 slices of the cake. People seemed to enjoy it and told me how great it was. I'm glad they enjoyed it because I will never make it again. I did taste a piece and it was good, but I would have rather slept or used my energies elsewhere. I can't really blame the recipe as it said it would take 8 hours and 30 minutes for everything to complete. Oh well!

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