Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 - 2nd Quarter

Our lives aren't really that exciting, so giving an update on what we do each month, would be quite boring! But here are some things that I want to remember that happened in April, May, and June...not necessarily in this order... 
Welcome the newest member of our family...J and I went to Nashville for him to attend a songwriters conference. While there, he went and got a tattoo. He has talked about it for a long time and he saved his money from teaching guitar lessons. It's on his left forearm and can be completely covered when needed.

Our friends T & C invited us to a benefit that was held to raise money for the new hospital in town. It was dinner followed by a Foreigner concert. I had to have a crash course in who Foreigner was since I was born in '81, but it was great. We had front row seats until a ton of people crowded the front of the stage.

In May, although not able to attend, my brother was honored as a senior athlete at his college, my alma mater, Lynchburg College. Despite his accident two years ago, he has still traveled with the team and been at almost every practice and game. My parents went up because the athletes were honored along with their parents. He was also honored at the year-end sports banquet. He still has another year of studies left so next May we'll celebrate college graduation. 

From 2007 - 2009, J was a Junior High Youth Minister and Student Worship Leader at a church in Biloxi while we finished up our studies in New Orleans. Some of the students that we first started with graduated high school this year. One student in particular was near and dear to our hearts as we stayed with him and his family so we didn't have to commute back and forth from New Orleans. We are SO proud of him and all that he has accomplished. Way to go C! And visiting our friends in Biloxi would not be complete without a little jam session. It sounded so good!

May was my birthday month - 31! We didn't celebrate much but I did manage to snag a free burger from Red Robin and a free cookie at Publix. So yummy!

We planned a quick trip to Memphis and met J's parents there. We visited the outside of Graceland - we only had about an hour to kill and the prices were a bit steep to only spend an hour at Graceland.  

We also visited the Gibson Guitar Factory which I found to be an awesome tour where I learned exactly how a guitar is made. Too bad pictures weren't allowed in the factory, but it was the best $10 we spent in Memphis. I even scored a new guitar pick that I LOVE!

J has this app on his phone that allows him to see restaurants in the area that are featured on TV. We found the Flying Fish Grill and indulged in some crawfish. They were delicious!  

J would have loved to have eaten at this place, but I was his self-control. After all, who really needs to attempt to eat a 7.5 pound burger?!?!

I also checked off an item on my bucket list - visiting Beale Street...after all, my maiden name is Beale!

We also visited Sun Studios made famous with the recordings of Elvis and Johnny Cash. 

In June, we ventured down to New Orleans for the Southern Baptist Convention. It was the first time we'd been back since we moved away in January 2010.

I also spent a week in Montgomery for work. No pictures as I was in class for four days. 

We also celebrated the wedding of our friends T and J. T plays drums in our band at church. J originally met him on Craig's List as T had posted an ad saying that he wanted to play drums in a church setting on Sunday mornings. We love how the Lord worked through that Craig's List ad and two years later we're still ministering together.

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