Friday, January 6, 2012

This month, I also made something for me. I get migraine headaches like nobody's business, but thankfully we have discovered after several years that a regular visit to the chiropractor (aka I go see her each week), the headaches are close to non-existent. Praise the Lord - they not only hurt but they're just a bother with having to leave work early or not go at all, not being able to see straight, etc. Another thing that provides a bit of relief are these rice packs I found a few years ago. They can go in your freezer or be heated in your microwave. The two packs I have are smaller in nature and have seen better days. J and I have both had to sew them up in multiple places.  I saw this idea online and adapted it to fit the material I had as well as my needs. Here is my rice pack:

I cut the fabric for 2 packs and then at the last minute, decided to cut those 2 pieces of fabric in half so I could make a patchwork design. I took uncooked rice and sealed it in a closed container after added a few drops of scented oil. I let it marinade for a few days and then added it to the fabric. It's amazing and provides great relief! J even used it the other day when his neck was sore.

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